Commercial Innovation Stream

Competitor 1
Rhinoclear Nasal Care Solution

Presenter & Author: Brad Mechor, MD FRCSC
Organization: Rhinoclear Nasal Care Solution Inc

Competitor 2
Dig deep, care deeper – Mobile-based monitoring and self-care for chronic diseases
Presenters: Aravind Ganesh, MD & Malavika Varma, MD
Authors: Aravind Ganesh, Harry Ponniah, Anojan Arulananthan
Organization: Advanced Health Analytics

Competitor 3
A Novel Multifunctional Videolaryngoscope with Monitor Stabilization.
Presenter & Author: Ian Schoonbaert, BEng MD CCFP

Competitor 4
Enabling Primary Care Best Practice and Innovative Patient Engagement Through Automated On Demand Care Plans

Presenter & Author:  Jacques Branch, MD
Organization: Coalese Health Systems Incorporated

Competitor 5
Kinetisense – Markerless Motion Capture System
Presenter: David Schnare
Author: Cam Robinson
Organization: Kinetisense

Competitor 6
Rapid disposable capnometer

Presenter & Author: Mohsen Janmaleki
Organization: Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program, University of Calgary

Competitor 7
Re-able: A new approach to stroke rehabilitation using wearable technology

Presenters and Authors: Riley Booth & Jacob George
Organization: Re-able

Competitor 8 – WITHDRAWN
Home Automation Network Assistant (HANA™)

Presenter: Lora Kushner
Authors: Norima Innovations Team
Organization: Norima Consulting Inc.

Social Innovation Stream

Competitor 1
FOCUS (Fostering Open Conversations that Unleash Solutions) Initiative

Presenter & Author: Benjamin Higgins
Organization: Health Quality Council of Alberta

Competitor 2
A mobile electronic medical records (EMR) app for short-term international medical volunteers

Presenter: Christopher Dainton, MD
Authors: Christopher Dainton, Charlene Chu
Organization: Medical Service Trip

Competitor 3
The HQCA’s Primary Care Patient Experience Survey
Presenter & Author: Roland Simon
Organization: Health Quality Council of Alberta