Past Competitions

On November 12, 2013, September 24, 2015, and November 1, 2017, W21C hosted its previous Innovation Academy competitions.  In partnership with an international network of innovation academies, these events focused on identifying and nurturing health innovations that will contribute to the improvement of health service safety and quality of care both now and in the future.

Below you will find details surrounding our past Innovation Academy competitions.


2017 Winners

First Place, Commercial Innovation: Rhinoclear Nasal Care Solution
Second Place, Commercial Innovation: Montane Medical – Videolaryngoscope
Most Promising, Commercial Innovation: Re-able
Winner, Social Innovation: Medical Service Trip
People’s Choice: Re-able

2017 Competitors
Eight commercial and three social innovations that competed in the 2017 W21C Innovation Academy for three spots at the 2018 Global Healthcare Innovation Academy in Hong Kong, grants-in-aid of for the top two commercial innovations $10,000, $5,000 and top social innovation $5000, in-kind services to enhance their innovation and business case, The Most Promising Idea Award and The People’s Choice Award.

2017 Keynote Talk
The Origin Story
Aaryn Flynn, former general manager of BioWare

2017 Mini Talk Speakers
Adam Crutchfield, PwC
Dr. James (Jay) Cross, UCalgary
Alice Reimer, Creative Destruction Lab & A100


2015 Winners

First Place: Slate Scale
Second Place: Ammolite BioModels Inc
Third Place: Physio4D
Most Promising Idea Award – MedROAD
People’s Choice Award –  Slate Scale

2015 Competitors

11 innovations competed in the 2015 W21C Innovation Academy for three spots to compete in the 2016 Global Healthcare Innovation Academy in Calgary, grants-in-aid of $10,000, $2,500 and $1000, in-kind services to enhance their innovation and business case, The Most Promising Idea Award and The People’s Choice Award.

2013 Winners

First place: $10,000 grant-in-aid (project and travel funding) – SnapDx
Second place:
$2,500 grant-in-aid (project funding and/or travel funding) – Orpyx Medical Technologies
Third place:
$1000 grant-in-aid (project funding and/or travel funding) – Medeo
Fourth place: RxRobots
(formerly Medi)

Award Ceremony Video

2013 Keynote Speaker
Jay Ingram, Science Writer and Broadcaster
Keynote Address

2013 Competitors

13 innovations competed in the W21C Innovation Academy for three spots to attend the first Global Healthcare Innovation Academy (formerly known as World Innovation Day – Innovation for Health) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Check out what our 2013 Innovation Academy Winners got up to after the first competition: