The inaugural W21C Innovation Academy was a huge success!

First prize winners of $10,000, SnapDx
First prize winners of $10,000, SnapDx

Thank you to everyone who attended the first ever W21C Innovation Academy on November 12, 2013. This international partnership event would not have been so successful without the participation of the competitors, attendees and jury.
A big thank you to Jay Ingram for kicking the event off with his inspiring talk about artistic and scientific creativity.

13 health care innovations competed for the top prize of a $10,000 grant-in-aid and a spot to compete at the Global Innovation Academy in Geneva, Switzerland in 2014.

The winners of the 2013 W21C Innovation Academy are:

First prize: SnapDx
Second prize: Orpyx Medical
Third Prize: Medeo

Audience Choice – Best Mad Minute Presentation: SnapDx

All of the presentations were video recorded and will be available in the coming weeks